Responding to the psycho-social needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community

Ndumiso Gwala1Ndumiso Gwala, from the Gay & Lesbian Network, has been selected for an amazing opportunity by WizzKids. The EU Team Project from Whizzkids Academy Edendale will be hosting a youth development camp this year for young people across the world.

This soccer based project aims at giving young people a space where they can share different ideas on how to empower themselves as well as to change the world to be a developed community where there is no discrimination of any kind as well to develop future leaders. This project assists young people through sports, psychosocial support and activities and helps empower young people through team building, forming friendships and keeping the youngsters active and therefore, off the streets.

Four countries, South Africa, Germany, Zambia and Ghana, are going to have camps which will aim at sharing information from the different counties and cultures to help empower the youth through the use of sports and other team building activities.

This project will be running for two years; and six young people from the Greater Edendale areas, from different organisation have been selected to be part of this project.

Upon hearing of this great opportunity, Ndumiso immediately applied. After two successful interviews, Ndumiso was asked to plan various activities for the groups and present them; after which he was selected to be a part of this wonderful project. He is very excited about this opportunity and says that “this really is going to be a good experience! I can’t wait to meet people from the different countries with different cultures and learn as much as I can from them.”

Ndumiso has been working in the community for a long time and he currently works at the Edendale Lay Ecumencial Centre as a lay councillor and project assistant for the Zenzele Youth Project. He will be putting the information that he learns from this camp to give back to the community and develop new projects and activities to help build resilience and promote personal growth.

This project will host its first youth camp in Pietermaritzburg, 20 February 2016 to 28 February 2016. The second camp will be in Germany from the beginning of July 2016, and then Zambia and Ghana. These camps will be rotating in these four countries, with the candidates visiting each of these.