Responding to the psycho-social needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community

The Gay & Lesbian Network, together with My Name Is Rose NPC, will be hosting a film screening of “I am the Rose” and “The Rose Ministry”. The screening will take place on April 27 the Edendale Lay Ecumanical Centre, Pietermaritzburg; at 10am.There will also be performances by Drag Queens and the Rainbow Theatre Company.

This event is one of many to be held by The Gay & Lesbian Network in the lead up to their annual Pink Mynah Festival, which is set to be held in October. The Pink Mynah Arts & Film Festival will be held on 27 October, the Pink Mynah Pageant on 28 October and the Pink Mynah Street Parade on 29 October. You may visit for further details on the Pink Mynah Festival, as well as the other events to be hosted by The Gay & Lesbian Network.

‘I Am The Rose’ is about a day filled with drama for a drag queen Cebi, who finds herself locked out of her rented room, trying to find help to pay the angry landlord. Cebi then gets a lift from Themba which results in her being mistakenly accepted as a bride to be by Themba’s mother. Cebi spends a whole day trying to pose as a daughter in law, while trying not to reveal her actual sexual orientation to this excited moth-in-law. Starring Labelz D’Glamour, Leuta Shoalane, Tshidi Mashile and Zsa-Zsa Whitney Gabor Huston, I am the Rose shows how drag queens in the busy city of Johannesburg survive being assumed to be women.

‘The Rose Ministry’ is a story of the transwoman Smiso, who wants to have the wedding at the church, as a faithful long serving member of the church; she wants the ceremony to be held by the church pastor. The homophobic pastoral family fight for this to happen despite the legal and traditional approval of the wedding. Filled with hatred and anger towards the Gay church members the Pastor’s wife tries everything possible to stop the wedding from happening in the church and to get rid of the Gay church members permanently. Nicky a very close friend and a pillar to the Pastor’s wife also face rejection and condemnation when the pastoral family discovers that she is actually a transwoman herself.

The Rose Ministry stars PJ Mathonsi, Kamo Moamohoe, Joel Myanga and Zsa-Zsa Whitney Gabor Huston. This drama shows how Leviticus 18:20, 20:13; Genesis 19:3-5 and Romans 1:26-27 are often misused to condemn homosexuality by many church leaders, which often results in hate crimes and homophobic behaviours.

First time film making couple, Mlungisi Msomi and Sekara Mafisa are the producers and directors of ‘My name is Rose’, ‘I am the Rose’ and ‘The Rose Ministry’. Mlungisi Msomi, born and raised in the deep heart of the Zulu Kingdom Nongoma RSA and with his husband, Sekara Mafisa, who was born and raised in the Maluti Highlands Kingdom of Lesotho.

With their strong rich background of African tradition, cultural social issues, their aim is to use visuals or digital stories to share the intriguing indigenous knowledge on Gender Identity and Sexuality in the African context, and to sensitize the community at large with such issues and challenges. Both Mlungisi and Sekara are Traditional Health Practitioners so with the experience and skills they have, they present and unpack African queer stories of the past and the current so as to document and leave the legacy of the LGBTI people who live in Africa. Since many people are ignorant and say homosexuality is unAfrican.

Mlungisi Msomi is a business accountant in Johannesburg and Sekara Mafisa is a Social Worker and they stay together in the West of Johannesburg. They have both been deeply involved in the LGBTI development projects in South Africa. “The continuity of documenting and telling queer African stories remain close to our hearts and we hope one day LGBTI people will be taken as normal and participate fully without any fear and discrimination in the society.”

For more information and bookings, please contact The Gay & Lesbian Network on 033 342 6165 or email



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