Imagine a world where LGBTI people are treated with respect, acceptance and equality…



Imagine a time where LGBTI people can be themselves… do not experience any forms of discrimination and hardships… can be loved by their families and be able to have a home… where they not prejudged when receiving services from the government service providers.


This is our wish for the future – and leaving a legacy could make you part of it in your Will.

If respect, acceptance, equality form part of your core values wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that your voice against discrimination, hate crimes, prejudice, ignorance will continue to be heard beyond your lifetime? 

Including the Gay and Lesbian Network in your Will is an easy way to ensure that your vision of a non-discriminatory world is passed on to the next generation – and that there will always be someone to help when a LGBTI person is discriminated, hated, prejudiced, assaulted. 

Acceptance of LGBTI people won’t change the world. But it will change the world for that LGBTI person. By leaving a bequest to the Gay and Lesbian Network in your Will, you could contribute to the wellbeing LGBTI people and improve their self-esteem in years to come. And maybe even change the world a little … making it a safer place for LGBTI people to live and play. 


What is a bequest? 

A bequest is simply a gift that you make to someone in your Will. It can be anything – from a simple cash amount or item of jewellery, to everything you own. Which type you choose will depend on your personal circumstances – how many beneficiaries you have and the value of your estate. 


Why the Gay and Lesbian Network? 

If your life experiences as a LGBTI person or ally can be enriched by ensuring the success and breakthroughs of the work of GLN, leaving a bequest to the Gay and Lesbian Network is a way of giving something back to human rights and acceptance of LGBTI people in our society. 

As a unique LGBTI organisation promoting LGBTI movement building in rural KwaZulu-Natal, the GLN boasts well over 16 years of service to the LGBTI and human rights sectors in South Africa – and is the only LGBTI organisation in South Africa that is working in rural areas.

If your bequest was used to create awareness about the rights of LGBTI people, it would help to make real change possible. Your gift will help to create change in societies attitudes towards LGBTI people in the years ahead, and will secure our future into the next years of our existence. 


How to leave a bequest to GLN  

If you are considering leaving a bequest to GLN, to continue the fight for LGBTI rights, you may find this leaflet useful. Please click below to download your copy. 

Partnership with Austen Smith Attorneys 

GLN has partnered with Austen Smith Attorneys to assist you with writing up your Will. They have all the legal expertise to assist you in writing up your Will and will assist throughout the process to leave you reassured and confident. 

Please also let us know if you have made – or are considering making – this gesture. This gives us an opportunity to thank you personally now – instead of your executors later – and to plan together how this special gift can best be used to keep alive your compassion, your vision, and your hopes for the future. 



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